Computing and The Cloud

The concept of The Cloud (“Cloud” computing, as it is otherwise known) actually puts administration where it belongs, as far as Empty Desk is concerned. What a transformation!!! It is of great benefit to those who experience major fluctuation in activity due to sales and other promotions on their website. Your own files can be stored in The Cloud and retrieved by any of your computers. Now, your office can be anywhere if you have a mobile phone that can connect to The Internet and has an appropriate application (app.) installed on it. Your password is all that you need.

Make sure that the format settings of all your intercommunicating programs are the same. Once you have pressed the editing button on the “satellite” application you have to reinstall the original format, if the “satellite” format changed it. Your printing could also have been adversely affected by the edit.

There is a long way to go before we have the gigantic server in The Cloud, shared by all. However, computer development is moving at a fast pace and it is up to us, the customer, to keep with that pace. The Cloud will not evaporate, so there is no point in losing it’s advantages over few cries about security. The Cloud is here, so you may as well be here with it.

Empty Desk could have lost valuable data recently, but was able to recover once time deleted records from The Cloud. You have your computer in your home, or office, and you have an external hard drive, some CDs and DVDs, and you have a fire or a burglar takes your equipment. What do you do? You have lost your data. The Cloud is separate from your fire and your burglar, but you are in touch with The Cloud.

If your data is securely “backed up” in The Cloud, you can immediately continue working from another computer; all you need is your password.

Find a Cloud that stores your files, while at the same time allowing you to have them functioning on your computer, and that automatically synchronizes (syncs) with the stored file every time you save your work – peace of mind.

The Cloud is white and fluffy, not dark and thundery.

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